Doodle Hunt Finds #1: Mr. Apol Sta. Maria's Web Portfolio

Hi Inkblotters (or Inkblot-mates, it's not really necessary, I think?)! :)
This is Marckii and first of all, I would like to apologize for not being able to post anything for the last couple of months for I was really busy with the thesis I am currently writing. I'd want y'all to know that I'm still alive and doodling! 

Anyway, today, as I was wandering around facebook, I stumbled upon this site my friend, Jusan Misolas, shared on his wall with a caption "Cool ang mga artworks!!! :D". Being the curious kid that I am (and the caption really got me more curious), I clicked on the link and surprised the hell out of me! The site is actually an art portfolio of Mr. John Paul "Apol" Sta. Maria. I honestly don't know anything about the artist so I've got no idea what kind of art she makes but when I saw it, I was like "MIND BLOWN".

Alright, so when I got there, the welcoming bird (yep, there was bird) already drew a smile on my face. I love just how cute the bird was and how it is rotating just above the creator's name. Cool concept, it is. :)
I love how that bird was just looking cool while rotating like freaking helicopter.
At first I thought the sole purpose of the bird revolving is to let the viewers know that the site is still loading. I waited for a long time I started asking why it is taking so long to load while the other sites on my other tabs are loading perfectly. Just then I saw the links down the home page of his website that says "home - Pencit + Paper + Photoshop - Digital Illustrations" and thought "I'm so dumb". I clicked on the "Pencil + Paper + Photoshop" link and the magic began. 

DOODLES EVERYWHERE. And yep, the bird is still rotating. :))))

It's just a simple vignetted white background with doodled frame that contains all her artworks. I really like the concept of her creating a horizontal bar which you can use to scroll through his masterpieces. I can't even contain my awe when I saw all his artworks. It was so colorful and the characters were so cute which reminded me somehow of the application Dumb Ways to Die.

I am really particular with the emotions that inspired the artist in creating his/her artwork and seeing his, I don't know, but there's this general feeling about her works- mysteriousness, darkness, solitude, alone. I am not a pro, though, but that's what I actually felt. Something is really haunting in his artworks. But they're so beautiful and mysterious. 

Of course, I've some favorites in her portfolio. One of my personal favorites is this image of an elephant. This is actually a biased favorite for I love everything elephant. :)
(c) Apol Sta. Maria 
(c) Apol Sta. Maria

(c) Apol Sta. Maria

(c) Apol Sta. Maria

(c) Apol Sta. Maria

(c) Apol Sta. Maria

Those are just some of my personal favorites from his portfolio. I love them, really. :D 
I felt really inspired to create more artworks and practice to become as good as him.

Please visit his website at to see his magnificent artworks and be inspired to create your own. He's amazing and we hope to meet him and have a little chit chat about art and life and all that stuff someday. (Hope he won't get mad at us featuring his website in our blog without permission). 

Toodles, Inkblotters/Inkblot-mates. 
This is Marcki. 

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