How To Survive a Boring Class

We, inkblots, truly believe that a student's level
 of creativity increases during boring classes.
Agree? Well, this is a glimpse on how
my notebooks look like. Hahaha!!!!

Drew this  in my Psychological Learning Class. Lol. 

I know some classes are dead boring but we 
still advise you to listen to your teachers' blabbering
Or just pretend to be paying attention. You don't 
want to get busted and flank that class, do ya? 
But if you're really near dozing off, well, grab 
your pen baby- it's doodle time! HAHAHAHA. =)

I did some comic strips to entertain me
 while I was in Sir Ron's Group Process 
class as an observer. But since there's nothing
to observe on anyway, I just drew those strips 
to keep me awake. *FYI, I was not allowed to talk
to anyone in there so it's kind of a bummer
to be sitting there alone and cold. HAHAHAHA!! :))
Some students who saw me giggling by myself in the corner
might have thought I was weird!!!!

Wew. I just dropped by to show you these, inkblots! 
See ya next time!!!!

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