Random Inkblot Hunt No1

Hey there guys! How are y'all doing?
Me and Neeshee actually went out to look for cute stuff to 
put here in this blog to show you. Also, we were
supposed to be talking about some things that
would make our blog more interesting to read and shat.
Ha-ha!! Didn't curse! BOOM!!

We have planned for this day already but I kind of like
messed up the plan a little bit and went to meet Neeshee
an hour late. I AM SO SORRY. 

I'd like to defend myself first- I didn't mean it!
I went home at 12NN and my bed, my motherfather bed, summoned 
me to its loving arms, comforted my tired body 
and sprayed a "sleeping mist" on to my whole anatomy
that my eyes suddenly felt heavy. I was trying to 
fight the temptation that my bed was giving me but the I was under a spell.
Until some time, I finally gave in to the magic of its seductive powers and 
fell asleep. That's what happened! 

Believe me, guys! Lol.

Anyway, she was starting to get mad
but when she saw me and my endearing charm, she
could find any reason to be angry at me anymore so she
just shook away the fact that I was late. Ha-ha. :D

(@Greenwich, SM City Naga)

Despite my being tardy, Neeshee still payed for my lunch! LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY!!! :P

While I was eating, she took some photos of my journal entries because she thought they're inkblots! 

The last photo on the right is my journal/planner. I got it from National Bookstore. 

I found time to doodle after consuming the food served -___-
Me while doodling on Neeshee's jotter pad. 
After our short stay at Greenwich, we wandered around the mall while talking about what "theme" are we going to follow in today's blog post. We walked and walked and drooled over these cute gift boxes at the SM Department Store! 

After salivating over those boxes, we went up to the National Bookstore and found these items that are not only cute but also useful. 
They are for your earphones, guys. =)

As the label said- they are cable winders. Cute little bunny, right? -___-

This is what you say to the priest when he asks you "Do you accept (insert name here)
to be your husband/wife, in sickness and in health, for richer
or for poorer...?" Hahaha. 

This is the largest nail file we've ever seen! Haha.
They are actually for your doorknobs. That black part is apparently
like a chalk board where you can write notes for people
entering your room. Cool right?

Oh, just goofed around when we saw these. Fail though. Hahaha
A big hello from us!! :)
Eternal happiness. Wow. Isn't that what we want? :) 
Cool items, right? 
Anyway, we were at this card section when Neeshee stumbled upon this singing card! OMG. We both died when we opened the card and it started playing a song! Hahahahaha. :DDD Enjoy.

Anybody else remembered the movie Easy A? Adorable! 

We were having a lot of fun when I noticed that it was almost 5PM! We both have separate commitments to attend to so we decided to part ways already. I had so much fun hunting for adorable items. It kind of made me happy. I don't know about her. Hahahahhaha

Oh, by the way, I bet you've heard about the Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters movie already! Did you know that it was originally a book? Have you read it already? Well, we'll post a movie review of the Sea of Monsters movie soon so watch out for that. 

Thank you for reading guys! Talk to y'all next time.


  1. charm??!!! hahah. leche ka po. hahahahhahahah (neeshee, 2013) \

  2. Hahaha. Okay lang na ideny mo, Ness. Hahaha. I totally understand. LOL.